Monday, 3 October 2011

our 1st hand-made hat~~



Seni is not only drawing or colouring...
It's can be happening...

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  1. Hi, Ms. Lee,

    I'm Ahn Jea's mum, Ong TP.
    Guess Ahn Jea's must be really in good mood on that day to let you have her photo taken. Coz she's really camera shy esp since 5 years old. When i ask her "Did u allow teacher to take your photo coz u have the mask cover your face?" She reply innocently:"No, most of the time teacher take those students sitting in front!"

    Anyway, i'm been really impressed by your blog coz it allows me to know what's happening in her class, her classmates and also the school. Or when she read the blog with me she will automatically eaborate what's happening. I think is good and interesting to teach and guide them using every's life happening to educate them.

    I'm happy that she's happy and adjust well with her friends in her classrom, with you as her form teacher.